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It’s Sunday and I’m already thinking about checking the mailbox. A pointless endeavor, I know, but what else is there to do but wait? We’ve done all we can do. Besides following up with businesses next week, I can only hope that our efforts have been well directed and inspiring enough to get folks to take out their checkbooks. It’s an odd place to be in — a place I never thought I’d be nor wanted to be in — but I will say that now that I’m here, there’s something exciting about thinking that this artistic endeavor could be made fully possible by support from the very communities that the project achieves to commemorate.

Meantime, the feedback keeps coming in:

“I’m not quite sure why – but reading and viewing your combined work brings tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s the crossings of the lost crossing – the hints of other times and sentient beings. You guys are doing wonderful work on many levels. I think of one hospice patient I had in Mitchell county who lived there for 95 years and walked everywhere – and her family before her – mountaineers, she called them…The work you’re doing is as functional
as a wonderfully crafted pot bringing the unmarked lives into vision without overtly saying so.”
~Sandra Roscoe

“This is beautiful…Your website gave me a lovely journey on the other side of our country. I will hope you not only continue this particular work, but publish it, and start something else in the same vein…”
~Jan Priddy

“Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! Your writing has really grown — so compelling the reader can ‘t stop until it’s done. Congratulations! This taps into art and culture in all the best ways. I am going to send this link out in the next update if you don’t mind. Really nice.”
~Shelley Washburn

“I had no idea you had this going on — its brillant!”
~Terry Gess

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