The Missing Footbridge

I’m two days ahead of schedule for a footbridges fundraising update, but I leave for Chicago tomorrow, so here goes:

I am happy to report that Lost Crossings has now raised $735, or 1/3 of its goal! I have a few things in the works with larger organizations, but they’re not making any promises yet so at this point we are relying on smaller gifts from individual donors or practitioners. (A big hug and thanks to SP and her loving partner the DDS!)

Furthermore, Shane and I spent our final hoorah in the bright Carolina sun this afternoon in search of the missing footbridge. We found it, and a post will be forthcoming.

For now, follow this link and click on the sidebar for a sneak peak at a few picks of this bridge over the South Toe River. We found it about 1/4 of a mile off the road between Hall’s Chapel Road on one side and Lower Brown’s Creek on the other. It was completely closed and the stairs had been knocked out by the 2005 floods. We had to climb up the side trestle and hop over the chicken wire in order to cross. Waiting for us when we finally found it? FIVE BARKING DOGS on one side and THREE MORE on the other.

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