The RB Update

This just in:

“Dear Ms. Schultz:

I am writing to thank you once again for applying for the position in Creative Writing with the Department of English at The Ohio State University. Our department received a number of strong applications and we appreciate the time you took in preparing the application. Unfortunately, because of the precarious financial situation in Ohio and beyond, we have just learned from our dean that we will have to cancel this search for this year. We regret this outcome and wish we had better news to report.

With gratitude and every good wish for your ongoing success,

Xxx Xxx, Chair
Department of English”

Interestingly enough, this also happened with a SUNY-Oswego application. It’s better than an outright rejection, I suppose, but it’s telling of the market and not in a good way.

Meanwhile, I’ve been harassed into an update on Redbeard. Fair enough:

RB, as we’ll call him, and I are getting along just fine. We’ve gone out every weekend since our first date, though usually “going out” consists of homemade dinner and a movie, or a hike someplace before it gets too dark. We’re having a good time and I continue to like him just a little bit more each time we hang out. It occurred to me this weekend, for instance, that he has my best interests at heart. Above almost all else, isn’t that what most of us are looking for in a partner? I feel lucky.

I also feel confused. I’m not head over heels for RB…and I say here that only because I’ve also said as much to him. He’s sure and I’m not. Simple as that. Sure of what, exactly, who knows, but I surmise it has something to do with longevity and chemistry within the relationship.

Slow and steady, that’s all I have to say. About once a week is all I can handle right now. Even still, I can see myself squirming against any infringement on my independence. I’ve been kicking myself with the “grass is always greener…” mantra all week and trying not to feel dumb for it.

The truth is, I’m applying for jobs all across the country while I’m simultaneously involved in a project (and now a relationship) that is totally based in these mountains. It leads to an odd disposition, and I am proud to say I’ve been nothing but upfront with RB about that. Every memoirist has her disclaimer that she publishes in the page before her story begins. I’ve given RB my disclaimers and he still wants to proceed. Here goes, one cautious step at a time…

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