Training Regimen, Round Three

(I promise I won’t always write about physical fitness and martial arts. I’m just on a “kick.”)

Here goes my third round of self-designed training since I started late this fall. I have lost 15 pounds, which feels really good and I think it was at a healthy pace. This regimen still isn’t much, but I’m slowly upping the ante so that I can eventually take the White Pine Tree test through my dojo.

What’s a “training threshold”? The training threshold is 70-90% of your target heart rate, and your target heat rate is 220-your age.


25 mins physical therapy

Karate/Jui Jitsu class

Workout J
30 mins threshold training on bike:
5 mins warm up, 20 mins w/ pulse 133-171 bmp, 5 mins cool down
35 mins arm & leg toning, sit ups, push ups

Workout K
40 mins threshold training on bike
5 mins warm up, 30 mins w/ pulse 133-171 bpm, 5 mins cool down
20 mins arm & ab toning

Workout L
Repeat all Shuri Ryu Kata 1-5 times each
Repeat 5 times: 50 front kicks, 10 push ups
Repeat 3 times: 50 front kicks, 50 sit ups or crunches
75 upper blocks w/ 10 lbs

Workout M
32 mins interval training on bike:
maximal intervals at 7/10 for threshold/sprint ratio
5 min warm up, 15 intervals of 30 sec/60 sec, 5 min cool down
20 mins arm & ab toning

Workout N
40-60 mins distance training on bike or 30-40 mins run
75 straight punches w/ 10 lbs
20 push ups

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