Quick Update

Each day is full of as many moments as there are stars in the sky, and all of them–all of them–shine brightly.

Another 8 1/2 miles on the AT today and 10 more planned for Thursday. The Indian cucumber and may apples are up. And monk’s hood, pipsissawa, fringed polygala, lady slipper orchid, violets of all kinds, trillium (painted and white), dwarf wild iris, wild yam, wild oat, sourwood, meadow rue, rattlesnake plantain, and more!

I’ve seen a bard owl and a black snake, of note, on the trail so far. That’s pretty good considering the through hiker traffic and the fact that we’re hiking during the daytime.

And to make up for this time on the trail? I’m working at night or on Saturdays–happily–at the desk.

As for all the rejections, interestingly enough I’m somewhat relieved. It’s good to know what my league and what I can aim for in the future. The Madison fellowship, in particular, only took 5 fellows this year compared to their usual 12 (due to the recession?), so I don’t feel bad about that at all.

I have stories in me, cooking and forming and spinning around. And blog narratives compose themselves in my mind. What I don’t have is the clarity of mind to report such things on only 2 hours’ sleep. Better things to come. Promise.

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