Rain On Me

Yes to a childcare job for half the summer: 5 mornings a week , 9am-1pm, a 9month old daughter of craft artists I’ve known for a while. Good pay. (I did the math. This gig will cover my trip to Alaska and possibly new tires for my Volvo.)

Yes to a singing gig with children: Every other Wednesday night for 1 hour, informal choir lessons to small youth group. Good pay.


Yes from Metalsmith Magazine.

Yes from Mountain Xpress.

Yes from Memoir (and), a literary journal which I am now a reader for after today’s successful phone interview. Even better: There were promises to let me lead outreach education programs in my region that will not only pay, but yield a chapbook edited by me, published and distributed by SecretPublisher. (Score!)

Yes from another donor to Lost Crossings, outta nowhere, just this afternoon.

Yes to a 1 hour consultation with an area artist who hired me to give her advice about how to get press coverage for her public art.

Adding the two Yes’s from last week, that’s one YES for every stitch in my foot. A good number: 9. A perfect square.

And the Coda:
No from Flash Fiction Online, but I earned a personal rejection from the editor, who says I was in the 10% and should keep submitting. Pretty good for my first flash piece ever.

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    When it rains it pours! -L

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