Is It Really Only Monday?

You decide that groceries for two is not ridiculous. It is optimistic, and that never killed anybody. Furthermore, it is practical for this weekend’s dinner plans between you and said smoocher.

You decide, likewise, that daydreaming is a perfectly acceptable pastime. According to THE WEEK, recent brain research has revealed there is just as much brain activity when you’re “spacing out” or “fantasizing,” it’s just in different parts of the brain. So dream on!

Once, you think you see him driving his truck down Highway 226. The sunlight catches his chin, part of his neck, a bit of that long, long hair. You wave, foolishly. You’re still not certain, though—Was it him?

It’s clear to you now that having to wait an entire week to see someone again is probably a good thing. You pass the time by taking a Cosmo Quiz, which is at your fingertips because a friend of yours thought it would be funny to buy you a subscription for your 30th birthday. Nobody has to know that you read it. Don’t worry.

You answer “mostly B’s” on the quiz, which means that your summer fling is not “a hookup” but “might be the real thing.” You throw the magazine across the floor and shriek. That’s way more than you were prepared for in one day.

You call it a night and curl beneath the covers. You fashion your body into a perfectly shaped spoon. You close your eyes and negotiate the peaks and valleys of hope.

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