Operation Asperatus

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new cloud.

Call it the Jacques Cousteau. Call it the roiling ocean. Call it the Armageddon. Members of the Cloud Appreciation Society are calling it asperatus and have lobbied for its official induction as the 81st official variety of cloud.

Latin for “roughened up,” you can read more and view the latest images of this cloud here. For my part, a new cloud means a new word, and a new word means new possibilities. Here we go!


Stats: Pine Tree pre-test

30min 30sec = 3 miles

6/10 mile walk back to car, then drive 10 mins home, then immediately do

24 mins = 500 front kicks, 200 jumping jacks, 50 thai style kicks, 2 mins freestyle, 25 knuckle push ups, 100 crunches, 15 “training” pull ups, 75 punches w/ 10 lbs., 75 blocks w/ 10 lbs. – yeehaw!

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