Days 13-14: VCCA

Here are some photos of my studio and the grounds, the fun and the folks. It’s basically been like living in a small apartment complex with 20 other artists in the middle of a lovely 12 acre park. The park is ours to play in, write in, read in, and share. Each day we walk to our individual studios and observe the golden rule: Never disturb another artist in his/her studio without permission. Sometimes we each lunch together on picnic tables and other times we take it back to our studios to continue working in privacy. Nearby, we can visit a college library or gym and hike on 400 acres of trails if the mood strikes. Each night, we dine in a dimly lit, small dining room with a group supper and often wine. Open studios, readings, trips to the one local bar (karaoke) happen when the collective interest arises.

Unlike Alaska, the scenery doesn’t command your attention. There’s really no way to photograph the intangible magic that goes on between folks here, but at least these shots will give you a physical sense for where I’ve been the past two weeks:

These four are the view walking up to the studio (converted barns), inside my studio (bed and recliner included – these were in addition to my private room), and the horse view out of 1 of my FIVE studio windows.

These are some images from an open studio night that a handful of the visual artists hosted one night. There was a lot to see but this is a sampling. The encaustics are Suzanne’s (Montana), the collage/paintings are Patrick’s (Germany), the breathtaking girl with rabbit ears is Elizabeth’s (Austria), and the gesso and charcoal are Nancy’s (Maine):

Finally, here are some shots of my friends and I. One evening in the public living room with fireplace, grandfather clock, suede sofas, etc. (don’t ask about the dress – it’s a long story). The other evening was karaoke at the local bar. Anjana (India) poses with a pitcher of beer, Patrick (Germany) gets wild with the microphone singing “Back in the U.S.S.R.”, and so forth:

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