Countdown to Andrew Bird: Four Days

Dear Fellow Andrew Bird fans,

This is the first of four posts in anticipation of Andrew Bird’s upcoming performance at The Orange Peel on 10/9 in Asheville, North Carolina.

In the spirit of making up words, as Mr. Bird so keenly does on Noble Beast, I have coined the term “reversary.” The root of “reversary” stems from anniversary and reverse, suggesting that one ought to celebrate any number of days before an anticipated event, with the intention of stockpiling enthusiasm and random trivia. The idea here is to reverse the notion that special events are special on their anniversary alone, as we all know that things such as Mr. Bird’s performances leave a lasting impression–an impression worth celebrating at any time of year.

With that, I offer the following food for thought:

1. I have been thinking about what kind of song Mr. Bird might choose
to open with. My first instinct is “Fitz and Dizzyspells” and my
second instinct is a slower, sly entry with an instrumental from
Useless Creatures (dim lights on stage). Instincts aside, this has
lead me to the following query: How does Mr. Bird, or any musician for
that matter, go about selecting the opening song on such an
anticipated tour? And are there aspects of Mr. Bird’s music, such as
his live mixing and looping, that narrow his selection of songs to
open with because of technicalities?

2. I am especially taken with Mr. Bird’s lyrics in “Masterswarm” that
seem to be a direct, modern interpretation of Franz Kafka’s classic
novel, The Metamorphosis. Specifically, the verse that proceeds: “So
they took me to the hospital / they put my body through a scan / What
they saw there would impress them all / For inside me grows a man /
Who speaks with perfect diction / As he orders my eviction / As he
acts with more conviction / Than I .. I .. I // Oh burrow into me /
This is sure to misspell disaster / Oh burrow into me / You’re feedin’
from the arms of the master…” Thoughts?

3. Useless Fact: Andrew Bird does not use a pick. Ever.

Yours in the bird-o-sphere,
Katey (the avid fan)

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