Really. Good. News.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have won a literary prize for fiction!

[Deep breath, jump for joy, scream out the car sunroof]

Cash award, publication, recognition at a dinner banquet, and one-week residency are all part of the prize, the name of which I cannot publicly announce until October 16th.

Also, Lost Crossings orders are now up to 250 books!

It just keeps getting better and better! Yeehaw!

Meantime, Here is the course description that I sent to Interlochen. I will have one fiction workshop with 9 students and one “elective” with 9 students. The elective is my creation and described below. All the rest of my time it is my “job” as Writer-in-Residence to model the life of a working writer. In other words, Interlochen gives me room and board and a hefty stipend so that I may use the rest of my time to WRITE.

Brief Infatuations: An Exploration of the Sub-genres of Nonfiction (Katey Schultz, 2nd Semester WIR, 2009-2010)

In this course, students will devote several weeks to each of the following sub-genres of nonfiction: memoir, the personal essay, the lyric essay, immersion/obsession writing, and the meditative essay. Students will read and critically discuss works by authors such as Alexandra Fuller, Judy Blunt, Virginia Wolf, Linda Hogan, Barbara Kingsolver, Judith Kitchen, John D’Agata, Asne Seierstad, Robert Vivian, Annie Dillard, and more, exploring and discussing some of the following questions: What are the strengths and limitations of each sub-genre? How does each sub-genre work in favor of its content? Which sub-genres allow for the most play, convey the most information, or afford the most poetic license? Creative written assignments will be given on a regular basis and a portion of class time will be devoted to sharing and discussing students’ own experimentation with these sub-genres.

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    Wow. Your life rocks! -L

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