Day 1: Pacific Residency

My favorite moment is this: Dean Hayes walking into the bar with his hand outstretched, saying: “Hey! It’s the award-winning writer.” He’s good like that. It’s his job to know these things.
My other favorite moments are: Seeing my advisors walk into the bar, all smiles and hugs and hoo-rays. Seeing some of my dearest writing friends in person for the first time in 18 months. Seeing the Director of the Pacific program and exchanging completely girly, shrieking, hugs.
My favorite feelings include: The high tide air in my mouth, chapping my lips, and salting my tongue as I went for a jog along the Pacific Ocean this afternoon. My sore cheeks and jaw after a night of so much smiling.
My favorite color is, and shall remain: the evergreen green of an Oregon forest.
My favorite taste is: Coffee People Coffee’s Velvet Hammer espresso beverage.
My favorite response to the question, “What are you doing now?” is: “I’ve just left North Carolina to begin two years of writing residencies across the country.”

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