Good News!

Good news, dear readers!
A short-short that I wrote for my MFA thesis (and was published in Sugar Mule this winter) has been picked up by Fiction Daily, an aggregate that focuses on bringing the best online fiction to its readers. Their website explains: “We try to make [new literature] accessible to readers who want to see what literature is up to. We aim to help others find the pulse of literature.” I’m told the story will go live Wednesday morning, May 26th. At that time, you should be able to find it under the “short” category by clicking here.

Additionally, an essay that I wrote for Ceramics Monthly a few years back has been reprinted in another book by the American Ceramic Society. This one is called Ceramic Arts: Innovative Techniques. More on this book can be found here.

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  • Wesley Middleton

    Whoop whoop! Congratulations. That is great. Nice to have your work honored as part of the pulse, part of what literature is up to! I look forward to seeing/reading it online. Congrats too on the re-publication of your essay and the imminent completion of the school year! (Hope the cupcakes and jeopardy went over well.)

  • Mendy (Hillpoet)

    Hey Katey! Congrats again. I can't bring up the site or your story yet. It says DNS error, whatever the heck that means. Still not very tech savvy. I loved the Food Rules review though and will get the book for me and Leigh. Love you! Write on!!!

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