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I’ve been receiving positive feedback on my explorations of war through fiction and wanted to share several links with everyone.
First, the Main Street Rag annual fiction anthology (ed. Schultz) is still available at an advanced, discount rate of $9. Many of the stories in this collection are about soldiers returning home and if you are interested in this topic, I think you will find this collection enjoyable. See it and buy it HERE.
Second, PRESS 53 is sponsoring a “books for soldiers” program that has received a lot of praise and support lately. You can purchase a book from PRESS 53 and they will send it directly to a soldier you know or to any soldier they choose for you. You can support this project by learning more and clicking HERE.

Finally, if you are interested in helping veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, or if you are a veteran of these wars, please visit the IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN VETERANS OF AMERICA website to connect, volunteer, and read articles about current topics influencing these veterans.

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