AK 2010, Day 11: Think Like a Moose

Uh. Okay. So, she just kind of showed up.
I was drinking water at the pond, you know, a late-evening kind of thing.
And then I saw her.
And she saw me.
She was cute and all, if you could overlook her embarrassingly tiny mouth. But then she pointed this thing at me and I’m thinking, Wait a second, isn’t that one of those loud things you see right before all the lights go out?
I wasn’t interested in any of that, so I gave her my best concerned male moose look. You know, like I was channeling all of my power through one, tennis-ball sized eye. You should try it sometime; it’s pretty effective.
I’m standing there giving it my all, angled so my head looks like the size of a house and my general appearance about as friendly as a full-speed train with no brakes. And what does she do? She gets all excited like, doing this awkward dance and pointing and wowing and stuff.

Some people, I tell you.

  • Rocky Cole

    Katey, I am really enjoying your dispatches from the front. You really needed this time in AK. I have a feeling there are some great stories that are coming out of this – not Alaska stories per se, but just great stories because of the general energy shift. I look forward to reading your posts every day or so.

    Continue to have fun and be safe.


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