AK 2010, Day 37: Recap

[I don’t know what this fungus is called but I love it. Note the aspen leaves littered all around it. Two weeks ago the leaves were still on the trees. Now, the bluff trail is barely visible through all the fallen leaves.]
I’ve had a week solo at Milepost 22x and it feels about time to look back and see what I’ve done:
–revised a dozen war short-shorts
–completed 3 war short-shorts that were in-progress
–started and completed 3 new war short-shorts
–submitted fiction to 6 different publications
–applied for a residency (2011) at The Millay Colony
–queried 2 publishers about fiction manuscript submissions
–biked 12 miles one-way both directions down the Parks Highway
–walked the bluff trail (3 miles) every single day
–yoga on the porch, in the sun
–wine on the porch, in the dark
–backpacked all over Denali
–won the Pulizter
[Today’s visitor: A snowshoe hare, not a rabbit. This one’s already changing white for the coming winter. The brown beam he is standing in front of is 4” wide, so that gives you some perspective. These guys are hefty! PS—If you want to endear yourself to Alaskans, don’t use the “r” word. Ever.]
Tomorrow I pack up and bike down the road to Milepost 22w for 5 days with DM the dog musher. Quite the opposite of the silence I’ve found here, this time my neighbors will be 37 sled dogs visible just outside the loft apartment windows. Their owner is gone for a few days, but when she returns she promises to take me with her when she “runs the dogs.” I don’t know what this means except that it involves harnesses and a four-wheeler. Expect dog photos and mushing updates soon. Mush on!
  • Cosima

    Sounds like things are going pretty well. I bet that you will be getting the pulitzer prize soon. 🙂 With your talent, it's guaranteed!

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