Announcing CHEEK TEETH on 1/1/11

Last October, I spent a month as Writer-in-Residence at Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC. With high-speed Internet, an injured foot keeping me at the desk, and the go-ahead from my trusty cohort at Trachodon, John Walker, I set about redesigning CHEEK TEETH—our magazine’s blog.
The design and layout took about a week, partly accounting for my learning curve and partly due to our desire to look at both Blogger and WordPress and decide which source best met our needs. In the end, we went with Blogger, and so far all page, advertisement, and content adjustments have been relatively smooth.
Deciding on the content took a little more thought. I wanted a blog worth reading; something updated frequently but not so often that readers would miss out on good content. I decided twice-weekly posts would do the job, published in the following categories: Features, Fossils, Flash Fiction, Touché, and News. More info on these categories can be found here.
I’m happy to announce that today, 1/1/11, Trachodon Magazine relaunched our blog by publishing new flash fiction from Portland-based author James Bernard Frost. If you are interested in writing, artisan culture, or general creative food for though, please consider “following” our blog and telling your friends.
I’m also happy to say that within a few hours of announcing our blog on Facebook, we received over 50 hits. That’s the kind of response that I, as both a writer and an editor, am proud of. That’s 50 people reading a story that less than 24 hours ago didn’t even exist outside that writer’s personal computer. That’s 50 people that might consider asking What is artisan culture? Or, What makes a great piece of flash fiction? –and then returning to our blog in search of the answer.
Most of all, if you’re looking for a great content, stay tuned and check back. Guest bloggers from both coasts and a few places in between have volunteered their talents to contribute to CHEEK TEETH in the coming months.

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