Enterprise, OR: A Photo Collage

You know you live in Enterprise, Oregon when…

You can walk 200 yards one direction from your house and see this:
And 200 yards the other direction and see this:
Which incidentally, is the old Keltner Building on Main Street made out of—you guessed it—Bowlby stone in 1916. According to Historic Downtown Enterprise: A Walking Tour, “a band of itinerant sheep once filed in the store’s front door and out the back, while their oblivious shepherd quenched his thirst in a nearby tavern.” Those days, the inside of the store might have looked more like this:
You might also know you live in Enterprise, Oregon when…
You pay for your espresso at the Bookloft on a cash register like this:
And the librarian at the City Library enforces late fees using this:
Or if before the latest big snowfall, you drove the back roads and thought this gigantic caterpillar-agricultural-watering thing was just about the coolest thing ever:
But most of all, you know you’re living in Enterprise, Oregon when the whole great range of high peaks greets you in the morning like this:

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  • Jo Ann Heydron


  • Brianne TW

    I always thought those irrigation structures looked like dinosaurs. Sometimes their "heads" are up in the air looking around, sometimes they're down munching on some grass. Seeing my dinosaur friends in your post made me miss Walla Walla.

  • Amy

    wow. so beautiful!!

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