A Nod to My Pals

I took a moment today to sit back and appreciate the talented writers in my life that I can also call my friends. In the past year, I’ve already bought and enjoyed books by:

Britt Kaufmann, whose chapbook Belonging was published by Finishing Line Press.

Mendy Knott, whose book of poetry A Little Lazarus was published by Half Acre Press.

Jensea Storie and Robert Peake, whose poetry was selected for the Short Books series published by Lost Horse Press.

An anthology published by Bona Fide Press titled Permanent Vacation: Twenty Writers on Work and Life in Our National Parks, featuring writing by Mary Emerick and Jeremy Pataky.

And I’ve seen work published in Story Quarterly’s current issue by my dear friend Kyle Lang, whose story “The Little Things” can be read here.

And through Cheek Teeth, I’ve helped publish the work of five flash fiction writers whose work I admire.

Indeed, there are acceptance letters out there. I’ve even gotten to see a few myself. The writers all around me see them, too. Things are happening. Things are moving. Spring is the traffic flow of acceptance and rejection. I should know this by now. Here’s to one more season of riding the roller coaster and, maybe now, just embracing it for what it is: proof positive that I’m trying my best, putting it all out there, and waiting to see what the universe sends back. Could I ask for a better job? I don’t think so.

  • Mary

    Sweet! Thanks for the shout out. I need this reminder too.

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