Food is my Editor

I’m revising a short story.
Which means I’m eating.
A lot.
Cutting scenes and adding scenes and scratching out characters whole cloth requires Jelly Bellies or hot cocoa (with rice milk) or gluten-free pizza with goat cheese or all of the above. Food seems to be my best editor.
Time for spell check? Better get the peanut butter out.
Reconsidering the title? Need some chocolate chips for that.
Re-reading from start to finish? Time for some rice cakes.
Make it stop!
What’s your writing vice?
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  • Mary

    Shopping online at Athleta when i SHOULD be writing. Darn those cute swimsuits.

  • Lucricia

    Flavored lattes…Juan Valdez is my muse.


    So long as I'm rewriting or editing I'm fine. It's the blank page that drives me to the fridge. Last week I discovered blanched broccoli marinated in tamari, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and cayenne. Yummy finger food and I feel so virtuous eating my veggies. Try it.

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