Day 5: Making Meaning

I rarely blog on weekends, but this is too sweet not to acknowledge. At the close of the week–after every single person workshopped and most of the class read at our open-mic–we all went out to eat at Giovanni’s. My students gave me a beautiful Michigan coffee table book. The photos are breathtaking, but what really made me smile when I opened the front cover was this:
Sixteen voices of encouragement and thanks. Sixteen voices that came together for one week to embark on the brave task of making meaning. Sixteen voices that, despite moments of doubt and worth, completed at least one draft of an essay and started nearly half a dozen more. Sixteen voices telling stories that, if it weren’t for this time and place, might never have been etched into paper.
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  • Mary

    Nice! Which book did they get you?

  • Steven Veatch

    This was the best week ever! I learned so much, and I will now make a complete change in the direction of my life–I can look for and find meaning.

  • Mendy (Hillpoet)

    Ah, sweet gratitude, that keeps us doing what we do. Bless you and your class. Write on..and on and on. Also, a new book ordered by Leigh last week–"Wabi Sabi for Writers" by Richard R. Powell. Looks really simple and good. See you soon, Katey. Mendy

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