Day 2 VCCA: Photo Tour

We live dormitory style in the Fellows Residence, a single bed and small, functional room for each Fellow with a shared bathroom in between. Most rooms are upstairs, and downstairs are the kitchen, dining room, large living room with a piano and grandfather clock, and a library.
Fellows Residence
My room
Two-tenths of a mile down a winding gravel path and chipped up old road are the Barns and Studio complex. Add in a few sound-proof composers’ huts and you have the main studios for Fellows at VCCA. There are about 20 of us here at any given time.
Here’s the approach to my studio–W3, The Nancy Hale Studio–
as well as the sweet view from my porch steps.
Inside W3, there’s ample space for books, yoga, a large desk, a reading chair, and even an extra bed for midday napping or nighttime sleeping flexibility.
Last but not least, there’s the signature wall (above right). Here, every writer that’s stayed in W3 signs his or her name with the date. There are writers of all tricks and trades, all levels of fame and otherwise, who have made W3 their home as a Fellow at VCCA. This photo only shows a third of the signatures on the wall, but they’re legend enough to motivate me to work hard and make the most of every minute I have here.

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