Day 22 VCCA: Going on Record

Where else can a firey-eyed cabaret singer and composer eat Gummi Bears, drink wine, and talk books with a 90-year-old gem-of-a-poet?

Where else can that same poet ride an exercise bike in the basement while the “youngin’s” play table tennis? Then later, take the paddle himself and wow us all with his hot-to-trot serve? 

Where else can a man play what he wants to play, on whatever instrument he’s in the mood for, while wearing a horse mask?

Where else can I read, write, make hot cocoa, ride my bike, and write some more all in one day without having to get in the car, use the phone, or talk about anything other than art all day long?

I’m going on record, folks. After 23 months on the road, of all the non-teaching residencies I’ve had, VCCA is now tied with Jentel at the top of my list. It’s places like this that make me want to win the lottery, just so I can pay back every day they’ve funded me for and then some. Thank you.

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