Day 29 VCCA: Source Material for War (2)

Aside from the images posted yesterday, several quotes have echoed in my mind’s ear off and on these past two years. They come from soldiers and civilians from all walks of life, but they have something in common. In their own way, each quote has a cadence or rhythmic symmetry that is interesting to me. Likewise, each presents a stunning pairing of objects, images, or sentiments. Short and to the point, it is voices like these that have compelled me to immerse in war as much as one can from a protective bubble of a privileged, safe lifestyle…and to try and write about it with literary and imaginative merit.
Here’s a selection:
“America’s not at war. America’s at the mall.”
–U.S. soldier speaking to VBS embedded reporter Ben Anderson
“You may be there all night. You may be there the rest of your life.”
Benjamin Busch, Harper’s Magazine
“Smoke. Fire. Blood. Nothing.”
–Benjamin Busch, Michigan Author Homecoming online broadcast
“I wanted a book. I wanted a book and my son was killed.”
–Afghan woman in Sima Simar’s women’s school, Daughters of Afghanistan DVD
“We should be driving up-armored vehicles instead of a Goddamn tin can with the windows down.”
–U.S. soldier, Off to War DVD
“It’s a nice change to have him home and have him goin’ to a prom instead of goin’ to a war zone.”
–Specialist Hertlein’s mother upon her son’s return, Off to War DVD
“Since my brother died, I cannot taste my tea. Since my brother died, I cannot taste anything.”
–Afghan man speaking to documentary filmmaker, DVD unknown (I forgot)

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