Anchorage: Photo Collage

The Anchorage Crud (yes, it’s a proper noun now) is officially tedious and long lasting. Four days of fever? I don’t think that’s happened since I was a kid.
Oh, I had high hopes of eloquent prose about sunsets over Knick Arm:
And the quiet, winter hush of snowshoeing through clouds in the Chugach:
And the chuckle of sucker holes
(that faint burst of sunlight that fools folks into thinking better weather awaits):
And goooooood food:
And goooooood company:
In summertime, this sign post stands several feet above hikers’ heads–tells you how much snow we’ve had!
And of course, firemen:
And the way the snow dimples on a warm winter day:
And finally, the panorama of the Chugach across Westchester Lagoon:
But alas, The Anchorage Crud sends me back to bed.
I hope these pictures at least hint at the stories I’d hoped to tell!

  • corinne

    i'm honored to have one of my photos and my yellow-spectacled face in your penultimate Alaska post (for this year). see you in 2013. ~corinne

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