En Route to Prairie Center of the Arts

I’m nearing the final turns of the three-year tour, folks, heading northwest from the Airstream to Prairie Center of the Arts in Peoria, IL. THE CLAW abides the open road!

I’ll be here from April 1 through June 15 with artists in all different mediums. I met a few folks on the road who recommended that I apply to Prairie Center and when I looked into it, I was pleased to discover that artists could stay for a reasonably long period of time. From their website: “Prairie
Center of the Arts was founded in 2003 as a juried Artist in Residency
(AIR) program to attract emerging and established artists from Illinois
and around the world;  to provide these artists and local artists
with opportunities for research and development of new work;  to provide
an accessible facility for art and creativity that embraces the Peoria
area community offering equipment and new technologies not currently
available to the general public.”

Stay tuned for regional and urban explorations alongside a lot of life sorting as I fully leave the war stories behind and start paying attention to everything I’ve been ignoring for the past 2 1/2 years.

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