Prairie Center: An Industrial Canvas (video)

A filmmaker friend of mine has encouraged me to keep playing around with film, so I gave myself 45 minutes this morning to walk around the old Peoria Cordage Company building (where our studios are) and shoot stills and video. This quick little film, which I’ve titled “An Industrial Canvas” is the result of my attempt to capture some of this spot’s sights and sounds. Sharing studio space with painters, as I did in Houston last fall, always gets me seeing wall space as canvas–seeking out patterns and layers and lines where before I only saw structure. Hopefully some of that fascination is evident in this video. Enjoy! 

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  • workerwrites

    Beautiful work! I'm from Decatur and my parents lived in Peoria. Thanks for sharing!

  • Katey Schultz

    Did you grow up in the Midwest? I'm collection quotes from people about what makes something or someone "quintessentially Midwestern" and would love your input!

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