Interlochen: Welcome Back

My first taste of Interlochen Center for the Arts occurred January, 2010 when I began my position as Writer-in-Residence for the Arts Academy. Little did I know it would lead to employment on the Summer Arts Faculty, connections with Michigan Writers cooperative, a blurb from NYT Bestselling author Doug Stanton for my manuscript Flashes of War, an invitation to guest lecture for the College of Creative Arts, and ultimately a position as Creative Writing Faculty and Artistic Director for various College events over the coming years.

When people ask me how I went about planning three years of writing on the road, it never ceases to amaze me what a large role Interlochen played over that course of time. And so it is I find myself 500 miles north of Prairie Center, hitting the ground running for what I hope will be 8 weeks of fun, learning, reading, writing, teaching, and connecting. This third year of the tour has proved to be more struggle than joy, and it feels right that my final stop is a place that feels like home away from home. It’s time to fill up the well and settle the mind and heart a little. Thankfully, views like this help:

Although I’ll be busy, I’m psyched to spend this first week tucked away with 4 fantastic authors in Frohlich Lodge along the shore of Green Lake as I facilitate the annual Writers’ Retreat for the College. That little chair at the end of the dock is one of my favorite places to sit at night, just before going in to fall asleep.

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