Juniper Bends Public Readings: Sneak Peak at Flashes of War

Hear, hear good readers! There’s nothing like giving a public reading to make me feel certain I’ve moved back home. Juniper Bends Reading Series in Asheville is hosting an event for 5 local authors–including me! I’ve lived in the Appalachians for ten years, though I was gone for the past three. At the end of my life on the road tour, I knew I’d give Western North Carolina another full-hearted try. It’s invitations to read at events such as this that make me feel like I can pull off the lifestyle here once again. Except this time I’m not a middle school teacher, I’m not a barista, and I’m not in grad school. I’m a self-supporting writer. (Oh, and a waitress three nights a week.) It’s time to celebrate!

Of course, there will be a handful of Yancey/Mitchell/Buncombe County events this May and June once my book is released, but next Friday’s reading for Juniper Bends feels like a lovely and honorable way to connect back into the scene and see what waits for me on the horizon. Come on out, if you feel inclined! Or tell your city-dwelling friends about this free, eclectic event.

For readers not in the WNC area, check out my videos on the lefthand sidebar of this blog. “Poo Mission” is a video recording of a reading I did last winter in Sitka, Alaska. It’s a short snapshot of some of what I’ll be reading next Friday night.

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