Flashes of War available for pre-release!

Dear readers of The Writing Life Blog,
Since 2005, I’ve provided free content on this blog for fans, friends, and strangers. Today, I’m happy to announce that my first book of fiction, Flashes of War, is available for pre-release. Yes, I’ve made it into Bookland–but this time the content isn’t free. Your support by reading this blog (whether evidenced through comments, personal emails, or stats on my dashboard) has carried me further than words can express. It’s
finally time to help my first book, Flashes of War, meet the world. The following steps may seem meticulous, but they’re well-researched. If each person reading this blog acts now, the impact will be profound. I simply cannot stress this enough–and whether that means picking up the phone or buying multiple copies (yes, please!), now is the time to take these steps. It would mean the world to me. 
Here’s How to Help…
If at all possible, please purchase 2 copies of the book using the following steps:
FIRST: Order Flashes of War through my website. These sales help fund my book tour. Buy now for $16.95 with PayPal using the button on the left sidebar.
SECOND: Call your local bookstore and order the book. Your bookseller will find Flashes of War
in the Ingram database and consider stocking additional copies. The
limited arrangement with my publisher does not include distribution, but
your local purchase initiates grassroots book distribution. I cannot
get this book into stores on my own.
Note: If each person receiving this message acts soon, a flood of orders will draw attention to Flashes of War.
If you prefer to purchase directly through Loyola University Maryland, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or order the e-book, use this link.
You may receive 2-3 more messages about this book campaign. If
you’d like to skip those, kindly unsubscribe using the link at the
bottom of this note.
For book tour updates, send me a friend request through Facebook or follow @kateyschultz on Twitter. Happy reading and thanks for your continued support!

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