‘Tis the Season

The Flashes of War holiday sale is on for five more days – $1 off the cover price plus free gift wrapping. This is a great gift for under $20 and has an immediate financial impact on The Writing Life. Please consider ordering an autographed copy as a gift by using the PayPal button on the left sidebar of my website. Thank you so much!

Belated Happy Thanksgivaka to those of turkey or Jewish persuasion, happy nearing Christmas to many more, and happy-lots-of-other-things to all! I’m feeling the spirit of the season more this year than ever before. Perhaps it’s being in love. Perhaps it’s knowing I’ve paid off my Airstream and paid off my book tour and am not traveling again until the end of February. Perhaps it’s being one month into full self-employment and seeing how I think I can keep this up. More than likely, it’s a combination of everything. I’m so grateful to live where I do, to find support and creative influence in the community around me, and to be near family and friends.

As I’ve finally found a rhythm and schedule again, which includes work on the novel. I’m eager to get back to my more contemplative, focused blog posts. Stay tuned for thoughts on revision, hiking, balance, and–as always–Gus the Superdog, the source of infinite wisdom and joy. Meantime, let’s decorate!

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