Great Plains Writers’ Conference 2014: War, Healing, and American Culture

Please join me in person or in support through social media this coming Sunday, March 23 through Tuesday, March 25th for the 38th annual Great Plains Writers’ Conference. I’m very excited to finally meet fellow war-lit author David Abrams in person (see my guest blog post on Airstream libraries here) and esteemed poet and memoirist Brian Turner, as well. I’m not as familiar with the other featured presenters, Ron Capps (director of Veteran’s Writing Project) and author Patrick Hicks, but I’m learning that is the joy of traveling to present on panels and at conferences. I get to study up on people working in the same field as myself and see what they’re adding to the dialogue–in this case, the conversation focusing on war, healing, and American culture. 
Full flyer here:

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