Celebrating One Year: Review Flashes of War on Amazon

Dear Friends,

Tuesday, May 27th marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of Flashes of War. In celebration, I’m dubbing this day BOOK EVENT #52 and conducting it  from the quiet of my own home. It’s astonishing to imagine I averaged one book event a week for a year of self-funded tour. After this day, I’m officially done counting. For BOOK EVENT #52, I ask one thing:

Please take a moment right now and rate or review my book on Amazon. Although I’ve been fortunate to receive dozens of positive reviews from literary and military publications, an inconceivable amount of a book’s success is dependent upon corporate giant Amazon. If you have read and enjoyed my book, please use the link below to write a review or rate the book:


Acting within the same short window of time, your reviews will have an even greater impact on Amazon ratings and directly influence others considering making a purchase. If you’re moved to assist further, please spread the word, consider Flashes of War for your book club, or purchase a copy of the book as a gift (such as Father’s Day).

The words “thank you” simply do not suffice as an offering to all of you who have rooted for, housed, fed, hosted, and helped me along the way.

In all sincerest gratitude,

PS If you’re looking for specifics to share, here is the link to the 7-minute NPR Morning Edition regional spotlight interview (http://wncw.org/post/morning-edition-friday-sept-6-flashes-war-katey-schultz) and here is a blurb that speaks to the heart of my intentions for the work: “This is a brilliant, unsettling, and disturbingly beautiful
book…Writing of this degree of commitment and integrity is living evidence of
the power of fiction to tell the truth about reality.” –Joydeep
Roy-Bhattacharya (The Watch)

  • Holly Spaulding

    I’m reading this post belatedly, but Happy Bookiversary! I’ve reviewed ‘Flashes’ on Amazon, and appreciate what you do, and how. Thank you.

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