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I’m very excited to share my new business model today, formalizing services I have been offering for four years. Writer at Large has long been my business name for tax purposes, though other than including it on this website banner, I haven’t frequently identified my services with this logo or name. And while I’ve certainly had a bustling monthly critique service going for a while now, many of my agreements with writers that I mentor are made through email and can change month-to-month. After a lot of hard thinking, a lot of assessing my current students’ needs, balancing my budget, and considering the things I enjoy doing most, I’ve created the following four offerings. These new services and rates will launch at the beginning of September and I hope you find something to pique your interest. If there’s something you really want that you don’t see, drop me a line and I’ll consider working it into the program. You can download these services in a handy flyer, or read below:

Weekly Flashes
Register for 4 weeks of detailed flash fiction or flash nonfiction writing prompts and assignments, delivered to your inbox each Friday and due the following Friday. Critical and supportive feedback will be returned within 7 days, establishing momentum and encouraging regular writing habits. More info.

• 4 prompts with assignments, plus feedback for $120
• 4 prompts with assignments, plus feedback, concluding with 30-minute consult for $135
• Payment in full up front; late work accepted with notice

Monthly Critiques
Register for 4, 8, or 12 months of one-on-one monthly critiques for any fiction or nonfiction writing project. Chapter by chapter, a series of short essays, stories, partial manuscripts—any prose is fair game for this personalized mentorship program that includes line-level comments in the margins of your submission, plus a letter detailing craft concerns, strengths, and tips for moving forward. Register to begin in September, January, or May. More info.
• Submit up to 10 pages per month for 4/8/12 months for $240/$480/$720 (with free consult)
• Submit up to 20 pages per month for 4/8/12 months for $300/$600/$900 (with free consult)
• One-month submissions accepted at anytime; up to 10 pages for $60 or up to 20 pages for $75
• Additional pages prorated at $1.50/page; flexibility on page limit with revisions (inquire)
• Payment in full up front; late work accepted with notice

Discuss an ongoing project, share materials and outlines, ask follow-up questions, discuss big-picture revision strategies, discuss submission and publication opportunities, review grant or residency portfolios, focus on a particularly challenging craft aspect, or receive general mentoring support. More info.
• In-person or Skype up to 30 minutes for $30
• Additional billing in 15-minute increments rounded up for $15/increment
• Less than 24-hour cancellation notice or no-show fee is $25

Manuscript Critiques
In-depth review of your full or partial manuscript to provide critical outside perspective on the work, with emphasis on line-level mannerisms, overall impact, and thematic concerns. $75 flat fee + per page rate (depending on level of critique). More info.
• $1/page = Once-through reading with craft letter response
• $2/page = Craft letter response with occasional line-level commentary
• $3/page* = Craft letter response with frequent line-level commentary (*most common)
• $4/page = Same as $3/page plus developmental editing chapter-by-chapter
• $5/page = Line-level changes and edits written into the manuscript itself; no letter

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