Get Flashy in July

I’m pleased to announce that the next offering of my popular Weekly Flashes program will be this July. I’m taking sign-ups for this program right now, which involves 1 prompt (plus sample texts) per week for an entire month, and then feedback on each of your 4 pieces of flash writing. This program is for flash fiction or flash nonfiction writers and the prompts are varied, unique, and customized. Returning students won’t get repeat prompts.

How it works: In short, you get a prompt from me every Friday, have 1 week to respond, and then get feedback from me within a few days (and your next prompt a few days after that). We do this for one month and it establishes a fine balance between discipline, inspiration, accountability, and the habit of writing.
Bonus: This July, I’m adding a Google Hangout component at the end of the month where all Weekly Flashes participants will “sign in” for a live video reading, q&a, and celebration lasting about 1 hour.
Cost: $120. As of today, if you sign up and you bring a friend who is new to my services, you both get to register at a discounted rate of $100.
Next steps: Email me and state whether you’re interested in flash fiction or flash nonfiction. Details about the program can be viewed in this handy PDF download.
More: Info on services from my Writer at Large business is right here.

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