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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve updated my Writer @ Large business services as I ready to head into another “writing season” with all of my delightful, hard-working Writer @ Large participants. From Alaska to Canada to California to Virginia, and many places in between (Michigan!), I have the honor of mentoring anywhere between 12 and 30 private students at any given time.

What’s new? Download the PDF right here.

First of all, I’ve settled on a twice-yearly occurrence for my popular Weekly Flashes program. The next offering will be in October!

Second, I’ve streamlined my services offered to artists and arts organizations.

Third, I’ve added a Google Hangout video chat component to one of my programs, and may experiment with more video offerings as the year unfolds.

I’ve also raised my rates. This decision is always hard to come by, but as my business continues to grow, the demand does as well. I’m already booking into the summer of 2016 for some services. I’ve also learned a lot–namely, that about 20% of my earnings go to taxes, that I continue to grow and excel as a teacher, and that I continue to greatly enjoy what I do–giving it my all.

I hope you’ll consider signing up for a program that seems right for you. If you’re unsure, my email is included on the new Services Flyer. [Update as of 8/23: I have 2 remaining spaces for Monthly Critiques participants. Email me to sign up!]

Meantime, I’ll be off the grid next week for vacation in the Upper Peninsula. Upon my return, I’ll look forward to responding to emails and registering any new Writer @ Large participants!

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