Trying to Pep Talk

Kathy was right.

Writing my way through the list of to-do’s got the motor running again.

Before leaving the house for a morning of teaching, I meditated, did Morning Pages, and made a specific list for this afternoon’s research tasks.

After lunch, I ran for forty minutes then lifted. Driving home in a flurry to the tunes of Belle and Sebastian (The Life Pursuit, c. 2006), I was struck by the beginning of a poem. What matters is not necessarily the poem itself, but that I was able to hear the voice when it came. Once at the desk, I checked email for a YES! acceptance from Our State (distribution 112,000) but no email replies to my requests for information about southern craft schools.

Immediately I got to work on the phone, and within two hours I had talked to the PR folks at two of the three schools, in addition to the PR director of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. I’m scheduled tomorrow to watch a video in their library about the history of southern craft, which will help me nail my intro. I also got the PR folks to send digital images and historical information via email, hopefully by tomorrow. I’m keeeping my fingers crossed.

Late-afternoon was spent dealing with a grad school miscommunication, whereby they supposedly lost my transcripts (second time, different school) but miraculously recovered them while we were on the phone, after much this-and-that. All systems go in that department now.

The evening consisted of a Pilates workout, research on one of the craft schools, and packing for tomorrow’s Tibetan New Year festivities. Dinner: ginger miso rice with stir fried tamari tofu, carrots, and kale (all organic, of course). Dessert? Perhaps a glass of red.

Tired? Yes.
Satisfied? Fairly.
Writer’s adrenaline rush on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 is orgasmic) regarding the Our State acceptance? 6.75.
Current opinion of to-do list? If I can get enough sleep each night, it’s doable.
Further advice to take to heart? Britt’s suggestion about really hacking away at the number of minutes spent online.
Goals for tomorrow? Celebrate the Tibetan New Year with style, never forgetting the fact that the only reason I can take the whole day off to participate in all the chants, speeches, rituals, and offerings is because I’m no longer a full-time teacher, and that feels good.

  • Katherine H


    Congrats on Our State. Sounds like things are going well! And Happy Tibetan New Year.


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