Here We Go Again

The word “infected” has to go. More like “infused.” And all the clichés have to go: yesterday’s news, water off a duck’s back, and the beacon reference. After the step out to the universal, the blending of pain and tension needs to be resolved more thoroughly. The Camel Light filter is a singular noun and needs to be resolved with the reference to the gills (plural). The diamond stud/fish eyes reference is a crucial image to lay the foundation of the metaphor and needs to be referenced in some form in the concluding stanza.

In other words…I am back. I revised today. I straightened out my brain and my heart and began to see the light at the end of Deadline Tunnel – at least with respect to the MFA work for my upcoming April deadline. Tomorrow will be more revising, a bit more reading, and if I’m ambitious, a reading commentary on The Glass Castle, which I finished two weeks ago.

And so, and so, and so, I had almost forgotten this feeling of flow. I am more and more becoming a binge writer. Oh, the ways we change. I am uprooting from this cabin and therefore uprooting my style, my foundation, my approach to the desk. Things will be turbulent for a while. Example: Tomorrow I might buy a car. Additional example: I haven’t meditated in two months and might not for a while. Obviously, neither of these patterns has happened in years. Future example: I’ll be trading in a porch pee bucket for a driveway I can’t even drive up. Combined example: I might be able to get up the driveway if I buy a car tomorrow.

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