The New Volvo!

I bought the car.

It is a 1989 Volvo 740 station wagon with 156,000 miles on it and a fading paint job but perfect body. It has heated seats and a leather interior, a sunroof, a working radio and cassette player, flip down backseats to make for an overnight vehicle or perfect for moving. It shifts smooth as butter, runs quietly, has Pirelli tires in fine shape, and better clearance than my Chrysler. Oil changes and brakes were maintained obsessively by the previous owners. The car comes with a trailer hitch (removable) and chains, a spare brand new cable clutch to replace the current one if it goes, and an extra set of high beam lights.

They asked $1,600 initially and didn’t get a bite. They lowered it to $1,000 and had a few bites but no takers. I offered $850, signed the check, and walked away happy.

Clearly, this car will get my further than my Chrysler will (even though my Chrysler is six years newer and has 40,000 less miles on it). Furthermore, the blue book value of my Chrysler is $2,170 and it’s a fine car for a high school graduate or someone who spends a little less time on gravel roads than I do. I’m going to ask $1,800 for it but am willing to go down. If I’m patient, I might be able to make a little money on it and set that aside for maintenance on the Volvo.

The downsides: The fabric roof lining is stained and crusty, but manageable. It is the first thing I will replace once I sell my Chrysler. There is no air conditioning, but the sunroof is a pretty sweet trade off. The car is rear wheel drive, which they say isn’t as great in snow, but it is much heavier than my Chrysler so that might even out in the end.

Now, it’ll take a week or so to get the title notarized, switch the insurance and the tags, and get it all settled. But the title is in my hands and the check is in theirs and I feel good. And although it makes me nervous, I’ve promised myself I won’t obsess about selling the Chrysler until after I meet my 4/2 deadline and until after I’ve filled at least a few boxes to prepare for the move up Fork Mountain.

The earth is tossing and turning, growing and bursting and inviting change. I’m moving into a house that’s on the market but that I’m invited to live in for free until it sells. I bought I car I don’t yet have in my possession and wasn’t planning on buying. I own a car I don’t need anymore and don’t yet have time to organize to sell. And guess what? It’s ok! Life is good!

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