Love Is Where You Find It

It’s like one million tides pulling in as many directions. Former core students at the craft school are up for a reunion and want to party. Friends from daily life on campus who I haven’t seen for a month are waiting, waiting, waiting. The 45th anniversary at the old boarding school has been happening for two days and I still haven’t been able to get over there to attend yet. My parents missed me and want time, more time. My local writer friends know I have to hide when I get back from trips but still, I want to see them, too. The women singers came over less than 24 hours after my return.

It’s a blessing to be loved and missed, and it reminds me of a round I know:

The love your deepest heart desires
is offered with every breath you take.
The rose whose scent you seek
is blooming at your very feet.

Here, in this home, the people make the place as but the land shapes the people. We gather together in eddies, like those found in the rivers that carve out of our mountains. And we gather together like mountains in a chain, community upon community, holler after holler.

Last night the singers. Tonight, the former core students. Tomorrow morning, the neighbors (while we grunt-shovel-dig and repair the road). Tomorrow afternoon, the boarding school reunion. Sunday, craft school friends.

Remember to breath, hang on for the ride, and stay up into the deep recesses of nighttime to write, write, write (last night that meant staying up until 2am…easy to do when I’m still on west coast time).

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