Two Things

Two things will save me from insanity during this next three and a half days of isolation and using the crutches again.

1. My Gaiam ball chair. Not familiar with this heavenly product? View it here. Besides the fact that this is the best chair I’ve ever had for writing, today I discovered that I can propel myself around the hardwood floors using my good leg, without having to use crutches. This means I can cook for myself (tonight, a fried egg sandwich) because my hands are free. It also means I can drink a beer and spin around in circles when I need stimulation from something other than my own brain.

2. My mom, who despite her utter terror over the road one has to drive up in order to get to where I live, drove the school truck to my house and put it in four wheel drive to get to me today so that she could carry my ball chair, laptop, books, and papers down from the loft for me (I’m incapable of getting up to the loft by myself right now). Now I have a desk from which to work, and therefore a place to put my words so they don’t fill up my brain and body until I internally combust.

Tomorrow, I will answer questions on this blog for the anniversary. There are three questions so far. I will also read a book by Aimee Bender and hopefully, if the muses permit, start a new short story. I promise to do some sort of supine yoga-ish stuff to prevent my body from feeling totally folded and crippled for all eternity and also, I will find a way to consume chocolate if at all possible even though I don’t have any in the house. Additionally, I’ll stop being grumpy. Or I’ll try to stop being grumpy. Pain and exhaustion make me grumpy faster than lightning cooks a tree. Who woulda thunk it?

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