Adventures in Online Dating: Chapter Thirteen CONCLUDING THOUGHTS

It’s been a wild ride. I have a score of additional ideas for blog posts to continue this subject, Adventures in Online Dating, all in the narrative voice of the nervous, first-time, online dater. Alas, it’s time to turn my affection attention towards things back outward, to the world around me, and leave behind the eHarmony mayhem for the time being. There will be occasional updates as suits the muse (I am, after all, paid through September 19th), but in the meantime I’m going to pursue communication with Match #1 and return to the old odds and ends blogs posts. Also, I have become determined to re-draft these posts into a longer, humorous essay and submit it somewhere and hopefully, get back that $60 I spent through compensation from a publication that wants to run it. All’s well that end’s well.


The website ( says the following after I’ve taken two random tests selected by the computer:

“Your data suggest a moderate automatic identification with Atheism compared to Religion,” and “Your data suggest a strong automatic identification with Other Religions compared to Judaism.”

Is anyone else out there trying these, too? It’s intense. Though I do question the validity with regard to the order in which the words/symbols are presented and then swapped, I also think there’s something to be learned from this study. Not easy to swallow, necessarily, but something to be learned nonetheless.

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