Adventures in Online Dating: Chapter Seven HOME STRETCH

[All of these posts are rapid-fire. Read in reverse order to catch up.]

I can’t take it anymore. But still, I’m laughing and smiling. How odd.

When I get home, around 10pm, I am ready to be done for the night. But I sign on to check my email and create a blog post and shit, there is more…

Match #1’s answers to the questions were great. Most exciting, perhaps, is his enthusiasm about meditating (plus all the other things that fit, too). Match #2 has upped the ante and we are moving notch by notch, down the Guided Communication chart. I’m less certain about this one, but I go for it anyway. Heck, by now I’m a Pro, right?

There is only one step left before Match #1 and I can reach Open Communiation, and that is to “Read Dr. Warren’s Message.” I don’t know who Dr. Warren is but I have a hunch he’s that annoying dude who kept popping up on sidebars on the eHarmony pages while I frantically Closed Matches and answered questions. I try to read the letter, but this is the message that I get:

[Match #1] is taking his turn to read Dr. Warren’s open communication message and send you his first message. When he is done, it will be your turn to read an important message from Dr. Warren. You will then enter Open Communication and be able to correspond directly with [Match #1].

Oh lord, here we go…It’s Monday, right? Still Monday?

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