Direct Communication

It’s as simple as direct communication. Imagine that!

Where he can say something like: “Please don’t feel discouraged by how much time I have left to put into this project. I’ve just got to get it done and I’m committed to do my part. And it’s going to take almost every bit of my time until November. But I’m really interested in you and I want to make this work.”

And I can say something like: “I have this tendency to want to reach and grab at the beginning of a new relationship. What it means is that I’m excited about where things are heading, but it can come off as being impatient or needy. So if you can just be patient with me, and know that I’m aware of that but also that asking to spend more time with you is my way of saying that I really like you, then I think we’ll be fine.”

And then it’s as simple as hearing each other and not belaboring the point. As in, all of this can happen in less than nine minutes, over the phone, when we’re both dead-dog tired at the end of the day and hardly had a wink of sleep the night before.

And speaking of sleep. Time to get some.

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