Good Times, Good Times

What can I say? I had six teenaged girls over to my house from the old boarding school this weekend for a sleepover. Two of them had permission from their parents to shave their heads, and so a haircutting party commenced.

And who better than teenagers to provide perspective?

So with a swift snip, snip and a series of cheers, I cut off ten inches of my hair.

It feels great!

Goodbye long pigtail braids, goodbye frizzy hair after a thunderstorm, goodbye clips, goodbye having to tie my hair back every time I want to open the car window.

Hello freedom!

And in addition to rockstar approval from punk rock teenagers who cheered on my new hairdo, I had a rockstar moment this weekend at a gallery opening when someone came up to me and said, “Katey, I saw your essay in Ceramics Monthly yesterday, it looks great.”

Imagine that! And I hadn’t even seen the thing in print yet myself.

What next? Blonde streaks? Slam poetry?

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