How many acronyms can I use in one blog post?

DD comes to the party and meets my friends and is an all around, sweet, subtle, good-for-you kinda man hit. In other words: thumbs up from the friends and a major thumbs up from me because he was so easy to be with and so interested in the people that mean a lot to me so “right there with me” the whole time. What a guy. We’re at one month now, and dating exclusively. Does that mean that I, um, am IN A RELATIONSHIP? I hope so. So far, he’s batting 1,000 – I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe living a little closer). The best part? It’s all mutual. We dig each other and want to make it work. Imagine that!

As for sleeping – I’m not. Which is the point of this post: To say that my priority the rest of this week is on sleep and calming the mind. If that means not blogging at night for a few nights, so be it.

So that’s the update. Homework awaits.

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