Day 5 Schultz Family East Coast Tour: Hooksett, NH

It’s one night here, another night there, thirteen relatives and a 180 pound dog named Bentley. And today, of all days, International Buy Nothing Day, my mother and I venture to Trader Joe’s. Yes, this is against my rules but no, I did not drive over 1,000 miles north to pass up this opportunity. So I buy chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts. I buy Tom’s of Maine toothpaste which costs over $6 PLUS 7% sales tax where I live, but only costs $2.49 cents here. Sue me. I feel bad shopping on this day but it needed to happen, since we turn around tomorrow and head south. So be it.

Tomorrow? Leave by 8am and drive till we drop, probably somewhere in Pennsylvania. I-81 southbound, here we come! We’re hoping we’ll find a hotel somewhere along the way.

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