Day by Day

I think there are 13 herbs in this prescription, which I am taking for one week as a tea, reconstituted from the dried Chinese herbs that came from Joe (of course). Thursday, I see the acupuncturist again and will jot down the actual names of the herbs (important for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the essays I can get out of it – see blog 9/17/05). At that time, she’ll give me the same herbs crushed and offered in a pill format. The description that comes with the formula was startlingly accurate: “…Patient experiences unnecessary racing thoughts, endless thoughts, self-deprication and obsessive rumination, etc…” My acupuncturist read it out loud to me and I said, “Yes, PLEASE!”

Meanwhile, the cold takes hold but I have, for now, regained my capacity to earn a full night’s rest. This means I have enough energy to sleep and prepare for work, but that if I push myself any further – say, to write and do HOMEWORK – that I start to feel ill again. This will be over with in a few days, knock on wood.

I have one book left to read for the semester and one packet-worth of writing left to compose. I have revised three lyrical essays that I can include in that packet, but I need to write an “anaphora,” as per my advisor’s assignment. When I get to a high speed connection, I will update my website with the best example of a prose anaphora that I’ve ever read, a glorious piece of writing called “Boys” by Rick Moody.

That is today. One day at a time. And DD has been remiss to call lately; a bummer, but not the end of the world. I do find myself, however, holding my breath a little and hoping he’ll call tonight. If not, then I’m calling him. No games. Just heart. Slow and steady, for the big whatever-this-all-is.

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