Here is advice that came from a friend I talked to right after my test: “My father taught me that when big things come – and then go – we often feel a let down. Think about the word “depressed”. De-pressed. Un-pressed. Pressing is pressure in. Un-pressing, or de-pressing, is a release of the pressure inwards…Perhaps after your test, all of the inward pressure is now looking for a place to exit. So of course you do not feel excited yet, because right now, your body and your heart and your soul is looking for a place for that energy to disperse. After you figure that out, I will bet that you will become excited.”

Here is advice from Lis, the black belt, that came in an email today: “You grow into the belt for which you test. You never feel worthy of it. And when you do, you test for the next belt.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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