Ok, So I Tried to Be Funny

Here is a copy of the cover letter I wrote at 2am last night and mailed this morning. I swear, if there’s no room for a little humor in life, then what’s it all worth? And as someone who reads dozens of these every week, I know I’d appreciate if someone made me laugh every once in a while.

We shall see. They say response time is three months. Here goes:

To the editors at [Literary Journal]:

Enclosed you will find two copies of a short, modern fable titled [“Name of Story.”] In the spirit of Aimee Bender and Ron Carlson, I have enjoyed exploring this form and hope that you find it meets the needs of your publication.

I’m an Oregonian living in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, where I sling coffee part time at [the craft school] and write full time from my home in the middle of nowhere. I recently graduated from Pacific University’s low-res MFA program and am joyfully in debt up to my hairline in graduate loans.

My essays on art are published regularly in national magazines such as Ceramics Monthly, Metalsmith, Surface Design, Ceramic Art & Perception, and more. My personal narratives, poetry, and human-interest essays have been published in Cadillac Cicatrix, Perigee, Our State, Southern Arts Journal, and more. In 2007, I placed 3rd in two non-fiction writing contests, one sponsored by Oregon Quarterly and the other by M Review. Someday, I will publish a book. I swear.

A SASE is included for your reply.


Katey Schultz

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